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The Teaching Faculty Is Best,My Child Has Learnt So Many Things So Fast And Nicely Because He Never Went To Playschool,It Was His First Experience In The School And He Hasgained Everything Positively.


Very Co-Operative, Sincere And Took Care Of The Children Very Well. Teaching Quality Is Also Very Good. Standard Of The Children Is Higher Than Any Other Schools In Mira Rd.Thanks. Keep It Up!


Par excellence! no one exceptthis team of teachers could have managed my son. i am so gratefulto both the teachers for bringing drastic improvement in my child. Loads of Gratitude!!


Good to know that the school is moving towards digitalization. Fee processwas easy to pay online. It will be more helpful for parents, they can see their kids progress reports and comments by teachers online.


Great to be with this school and all the staff members.superb year! Thank you for everything.i am happy that my daughter is a part of this school.


All thumbs up! For the commendable job by the teachers and the school. Proud to be a part of rbk institutions. Great Going! Thank you!


I Am Very Content With The Overall Curriculum Of Pre-Primary Section. I Have Observed Drastic Improvement In My Kid In These 3 Years. Thank You Teachers And Management For Making Learning A Great Experience For Our Kids.


Overall Very Satisfactory.Thanks To All The Teacher And Staffs For All Their Support,Care And Dedication.Grateful To Pre-Primary Section For Graduating Our Child To This Level. Thanks A Ton!!!


Ishita has enjoyed her class a lot. She participated in most of the activities and excelled. She learnt good things during this period. Hope the momentum continues.


Feedback: Grandparent's day

Enjoyed the event very much,was thrilled to see so many people of our age group,in this age where old people are considered as burden and abundoned by their children this came as a surprise. Enloyed the singing and dancing of the little ones as well as the monoacting by teachers of the actors of yesteryears and finally the dance by the grandparents was the icing on the cake.the school should come forward and organize such events.thankful to rbk school and teachers to have organised this grandparent’s was a huge success


Feedback: Teachers and staff behavior is very helpful. Teachers are very kind and motivating.

Name of the Parent: Mr Anil H N Pandey
Student's Name: Ms Shailaja A Pandey Std V K

Feedback: Shibhya is showing keen interest in his school, subjects and other activities. I contribute this to his teachrs in RBK. Keep up the good work.

Name of the Parent: Mrs Damayauti S Kaimal
Student's Name: Mst Shibhya S Kaimal Sdt V J

Feedback: The teachers are well experience and there is good teaching.

Name of the Parent: Mrs Neeru Shailesh Goyal
Student's Name: Mst Shaifali S Goyal Std V E

Feedback: The teachers are really doing the "Best" we are happy!

Name of the Parent: Mrs Priti Agarwal
Student's Name: Ms Nidhi Agarwal (IV B)

Feedback: Nimit's performance is very good. It is just because of the hardwork of the teacher and the student as well. I hope he does the same in future too. Thanks to all teachers and continue to do the same.

Name of the Parent: Ms Vrinda Dhakappa
Student's Name: Mst Nimit S. Dhakappa (IV C)

The education system at RBK is very high standard. We can see the difference of the knowledge we had at the age of our child. We are thankful that our child is pursuing her studies at RBK.

Name of the Parent: Mrs. Soma Sushant Dey
Student's Name: Ms. Sanjivani Dey Std: III - J

General: Good reciprocation from school teachers and Asst. Headmistress regarding studies, immediate actions against complaints. Very well balanced, management and treatment for students. Excellent.

Name of the Parent: Mr. Shashindra Anchan
Student's Name: Mst. Heramb Anchan Std: III - I

RBK School constantly gives good education and extra activities. The teachers are good behaved, loving and caring towards our children.

Name of the Parent: Mrs. Sarika Jha
Student's Name: Ms. Aakansha Jha Std: III - B

General: Overall good. Teachers are taking good care of the students. Academically also performance of all teachers is good. They have completed their syllabus well on time.

Name of the Parent: Nidhi Vaishnav
Student's Name: Pearl Vaishnav Std: II A

General: We are happy with our child's performance and her behaviour she is getting from the school. We would like the teacher's to be a part of her life and to play such important role in her life. Thanks' once again. Keep it up.

Name of the Parent: Nimisha Rodiyal
Student's Name: Fiona Rodiyal Std: I : J

General: We appreciate the core hard work that teacher's put in words all around development of our kids. We will also appreciate if the teacher's try to clear the concept of each subject to the kids. Appreciating.

Name of the Parent: Anurag Agarwal
Student's Name: Arya Agarwal Std: I G

General: Regarding academic first term went very well and smoothly, Portion was completed on time and teacher's cooperation was very good. Ms Sneha is really very good & overall cooperated with me. I would like to thank her.

Name of the Parent: Rita Dixit
Student's Name: Unmati Dixit Std: I G

General: Regarding academic first term went very well and smoothly, Portion was completed on time and teacher's cooperation was very good. Ms Sneha is really very good & overall cooperated with me. I would like to thank her.

Name of the Parent: Rita Dixit
Student's Name: Unmati Dixit Std: I G

21ST Century Learner and the 21st Century student Exhibition : 7th September 2013

1. Fantastic! I asked my husband to to go late to office as the exhibition but not miss the projects! Simply superb!

Khadija Motorwala, mothe Rof Mohammed Motorwala of Grade 8J

2. Very good-electronic -oriented. I felt like I was proceeding towards the 21st century.

Sayed Mujtaba Haider , father of Syed Zubeda of Class IX H

3. It was an amazing experience to see children speak so well!

Mrs Panna J.C , mother of Nishant handolia of Grade 7J

4. Awesome, great work done by kids. They were well informed and eager to explain and we could see 100% commitment.

Dr Rekha Upadhya and Nishikant Upadhya, parents of Mansha Upadhya AS Level

5. A lovely job by these students. I liked the Soil Conservation and what impressed me was their awareness.

Sudhir Mishra

Grandparents Day :

Dear Ma'am, I am deeply touched by the sentiments you expressed in appreciation of the great success of Grandparents Day Celebration that we organized in our school recently on 20th September, 2013.

The programme was indeed unique in respect of grace and honour that we showered on our guests , the senior citizens from Dignity Foundation. It was also a matter of great pride and privilege that the young students from RBK Global School readily agreed to become a part of this celebration.

On this momentous occasion , our Principal Ma'am Nalini Shetty and Mr. Ulrich Nikolai also stood up to the cause and encouraged the guests who were overwhelmed by the generosity, kindness and the honour they received at our hands.

In recapitulation of the pleasant memories of that Grand Celebration, I am happy to send you a bunch of scintillating photographs as an attachment.


Field Trip - Hospital

On the 27TH of June 2015 we embarked on a memorable journey to Bhaktivedanta hospital. Having studied about the role of the kidneys in our body we were actually eager to see the life sustaining process” Dialysis “ for ourselves.

We reached the hospital at around 9:00am . Then we directed to the first floor where the dialysis rooms were situated.We were greeted by the strong smell of antiseptic and disinfectant . It was really heart wrenching to see the patients undergoing dialysis. The nurses explained to us how the machine removes the impurities and toxins out of the body . They also told us that it was a process to be carried out two to three times a week.

It was truly a learning experience as we not only learnt about the process but also little things like not drinking sufficient amount of water can create such problems in the later stages of our life.

I sincerely wish to thank my school for providing such an interesting and wonderful learning opportunity.

Saloni Adhikari
Grade 10
IGCSE Section


Our Mission is to offer today's youth a solid foundation in life that's built on sound education, good values, physical and mental well being along with strong interpersonal skills. It is to lead the new generation from the age of innocence to that of self reliance.


Our vision for our children is to develop new learning skills, driven by our credo, 'Knowledge is light', and to help them overcome the stress of competition. We will strive to follow the teachings of our Vedic ancestors, who have inspired us to use knowledge as the passage from darkness to light.