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Message From Management Representative

In a field as dynamic as education, no child should be constrained within the limits of hardbound information. As per our guiding principle, each child is encouraged to reach beyond the borders of traditional learning and embrace the genius within him in the myriad fields which our modern society has to offer, growing holistically in mind, body and spirit. The student to be always at the focal point of the learning process, incorporating their strengths, talents and interests as the most integral part of the classroom.

An ever changing world demands an ever changing educational system. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that the learning process incorporates the technical know – how in the progressive development of our child. In this era of Enquiry and Questioning the aim of education is to mould the students into individuals constantly on a quest to explore, curiosity being their sharpest attribute.

Our vision is to ensure that the students that step out of RBK threshold are prepared for any challenge, dilemma or predicament that the world throws at them, consistently expanding their horizons and pushing their limits to the realm of unimaginable.

Lata Munjal
Management Representative