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About the Director

Mr. Kaiser comes with a rich experience spanning over 34years. Over the years he has worked with the American School Diploma, IB and the national curriculum of ICSE and ISC. He has worked in renowned residential schools such as Barnes School Devlali, Sherwood College Nainital and Kodaikanal International School in India. His last assignments were as the Vice-Principal and Acting Principal at Kodaikanal International School and Principal of Singapore International School for the last 7 years. He is also the President of South Asian IB School Association and serves on a number of IB and Cambridge School board of directors.

Mr. Kaiser is a recipient of 2011 National Award for outstanding contribution in Education bestowed by Jagatguru Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi and in 2017 by India Today for Excellence in Eductional Leadership.

Mr. Kaisar Dopaishi.


Our Mission is to offer today's youth a solid foundation in life that's built on sound education, good values, physical and mental well being along with strong interpersonal skills. It is to lead the new generation from the age of innocence to that of self reliance.


Our vision for our children is to develop new learning skills, driven by our credo, 'Knowledge is light', and to help them overcome the stress of competition. We will strive to follow the teachings of our Vedic ancestors, who have inspired us to use knowledge as the passage from darkness to light.