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Medical & Security Facilities

Health Checkup and Awareness

RBKS has an association with a professional Healthcare company - Med Mondial. Their objective is to provide primary healthcare awareness to student by liaisons between healthcare professionals and RBKS. The goal is to develop a School environment which promotes health in terms of the child's education, and overall development.

  • Encourage students to apply good health practices and attitudes in solving problems of daily life.
  • To create awareness about the health related issues and the health services amongst schools and parents
  • To assess the health status and problems of the students
  • Imparting knowledge on nutrition
  • Promote good health in school and society - thus creating a “health promoting School”

  • Availability of Nurse during school hours
  • Primary health checkup
  • Availability of Doctors facility on call
  • Maintaining health records
  • General Information/ Seminar to parents and students
  • First Aid

Security Facilities :

At RBKS, we are committed to provide the best security for our students and staff.

We have fire extinguishers and fire water risers fitted on every floor of the school building to avoid unforeseen mishaps. Also we conduct fire drills for students and staff on a regular basis.

CCTVs are installed on the school premises for the additional safety. This system is continuously monitored by the school heads and Principal.

The school has a fully equipped infirmary to take care of students and teachers which is staffed by a fulltime nurse qualified in first aid.

Our gate and perimeter are supervised by professional security guards on a 24 hour basis.