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Sick Bay

Healthy Life Style

RBKS has an association with a professional Healthcare company - Med Mondial. Their objective is to provide primary healthcare awareness to student by liaisons between healthcare professionals and RBKS. The goal is to develop a School environment which promotes health in terms of the child's education, and overall development.

  • Encourage students to apply good health practices and attitudes in solving problems of daily life.
  • To create awareness about the health related issues and the health services amongst schools and parents
  • To assess the health status and problems of the students
  • Imparting knowledge on nutrition
  • Promote good health in school and society - thus creating a “health promoting School”

  • Availability of well trained Nurse during school hours
  • Primary health checkup
  • Availability of Doctors facility on call
  • Maintaining health records
  • General Information/ Seminar to parents and students
  • Association with near by Hospital
  • First Aid