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RBK School Celebrating HOLI
26 March, 2018

Holi the festival of colours is celebrated all across India. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring after winter. It is also celebrated as the beginning of harvesting new crops for farmers.

Educators in Children’s Life
26 February, 2018

Education teaches and prepares children and youth to meet the future needs to function in a society not only academically, but emotional, socially, spiritually and economically. It helps children in building blocks to figure out what they want to do with their lives and to spark their curiosity to learn more and to build on the skills that they already have.

Std VI Story Writing
22 January, 2018

1st ....The Invisible Boy__ By Eshwari R. Kamble VI / G
2nd ....The Night At The Haunted House__ By Dhruv Lath VI / I
3rd.....The Mysterious World Where No One Has Reached __ By Heem Puthran VI / H

Std VII Story Writing
22 January, 2018

The Curse There is wonderful planet far beyond of our imaginations. It is the land of magic, spells, power, amazing beasts, witches, wizards and more exhilarating and thrilling things. The name of this great, wonderful, marvelous, amazing and astonishing planet is Cinderlea. It is more than 50,000 million light year from our blue Earth.

Std VIII Story Writing
22 January, 2018

The Mysterious Treasure
It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning on the eve of Christmas. My friends Ricky, Gabriel, John,Mark and I were playing near an old fort. Suddenly, Ricky fell down into a trap door. By the time we reached the trap door Ricky had found an ancient trunk.

Uses of Smartphone for Students
15 January, 2018

Today we are living in a world that is impossible to imagine without smartphones. They surround us, and they are the vital part of our daily life. Smartphones have changed so much about the way that we do things each and every day

Latest Educational Living Trends for 2018
21 December, 2017

As the year comes to an end, we hear from every sector of the economy as what’s going to be the next popular trend in the market. Right from food, fashion, gadgets to entertainment, everything has something new coming up in the following years.

Pre Primary - Enjoying Carnival With Their Parents
29 November, 2017

School carnivals are popular with students, parents, and teachers alike. They are a lot of fun and help bring a school community together. The goal is just to provide a fun event for the school community.

4 Ways to Make Science Learning Fun
24 October, 2017

Science is vital to the education of every young child, be it a top ICSE board school in Mumbai or a Public School in a small city - at science is one of the important subjects in a school curriculum.

International Tiger Day
01 Aug, 2017


6 Ways to Help Your Child's Language Development
28 July, 2017

Poor language skill is one of the most common problems that we see in small children. However, during their early years, kids need to develop a broad and rich vocabulary, not just for speaking, but also for social, emotional and personal development.

An Eventful Day
11 July, 2017

Today. Today was one of the most memorable days of my life. Today was the day that I made new friends and new memories to last forever, because what better place to gain wonderful memories, than on a school trip?a

04 July, 2017

EID is a festival which is celebrated by Muslims to mark the conclusion of the month of Ramzan.On this day people exchange gifts, wear new clothes and greet each other EID MUBARAK. People offer ‘Namaz’ a congregational prayer at mosques. They donate alms to the poor and needy.

To Achieve The Highest Accomplishment Within The Scope Of Our Capabilities In All Walks Of Life
29 June, 2017

we must constantly strive to acquire strong healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability’proud moment to share- Siddhika Humne of Nursery Division I, has been awarded for below 2 Categories of Awards.

Fancy Dress Competition at Ramaben Babubhai Kanakia Pre Primary School
22 March, 2017

Fancy dress competition has been around for centuries, it has been a part of learning and development in every school all across the globe. They make a great fun activity and are loved by people of all ages. However, for children, in particular, they bring a wide range of social and emotional benefits.

Benefits of Yogic Diet for learners - A healthy foundation for healthy future
15 February, 2017

Evolution is better than revolution!!!! Healthy eating is perhaps the single most important act in achieving good vigour and vitality, because nourishment of the body’s tissues forms a foundation for nourishment of the mind and emotions. Therefore, the types of foods we choose to eat reflect the level of our conscious development. Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition.

PTA Programs in School
11 January, 2017

A parent-teacher association (PTA) is a formal group composed of teachers, parents, and staff that is proposed to facilitate parental participation in a school. The prime purpose of this PTA is to provide a structure through which the parents/guardians of children can work collectively for the best possible education and wellbeing of their children.

Teachers as Leaders: The Transformative Impact of Teaching on Society
27 October, 2016

Michelle Grace Fernandez secured the First position in the Viva online essay competition which had entrants from all over India.

The topic was "Teachers as Leaders: The Transformative Impact of Teaching on Society"

Benefit of having a knowledge centre in school
09 September, 2016

The knowledge center is usually a centralized repository for information. It refers to a disciplinary approach to achieving the prime objectives of learning by making the best use of knowledge.

Making Notes: A Simple Innovative Method
24 August, 2016

Innovative Methods for Effective Teaching
24 August, 2016

Career Counselling Programs at RBK School
08 August, 2016

Whether you are studying in one of the top ICSE schools in Mumbai or in any other normal school, or in any educational firm in foreign land........ Right from childhood, our prime goal in life is to pursue a career that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Eid celebration at RBK School
13 July, 2016

School is a place where children are always learning new things about the world. Celebrations of all festivals in a school are one of the major activities which enable them to develop an awareness of the world around them, and the traditions and customs of different people living around them.