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Rupal Kanakia

Rupal Kanakia, chairman of the "Babubhai Kanakia Foundation Trust", is a charitable trust that is recognized by the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra. The main goal of this trust is to give assistance or help in the form of monetary means to schools, colleges, persons training to be leaders of schools and other educational institutions.

Her Vision

Rupal aims at giving people across India access to education and literacy and is extremely passionate about her vision. It is through education that Rupal Kanakia wants to give enable women and the youth in so many ways she dreams of. This however comes with the indiscrimination of creed or cast so that every individual has the opportunity to break through walls and looks for themselves a world full of possibilities, now and for their future and eventually be a part of the world globalization.

Her Background

Born on January 13, 1966, Rupal Kanakia was known to be chasing after learning and education right from an early age. She has dedicated her entire life imparting education because she realized that it was her destiny in doing so. She is a regular attendee at several workshops, seminar, programs, and presentations and so on regarding education. Besides education, Rupal enjoys the company of art, music, travel and her family & friends. With her goal in mind, Rupal has managed to run some of India’s most successful educational institutions in various fields.

Rupal Kanakia as an Educator

"I strongly believe that India’s future is in the classrooms of educational institutions across the country,” Rupal passionately admits.

Some prominent Workshops / Seminars Rupal Kanakia has attended include:

  • Pre-IB Training Program in Chicago, in June 2007
  • 3-day, IBDP Regional Workshop in Singapore, in Oct. 2007 (as DP Coordinator)
  • 4-day, IB Asia Regional Conference, Singapore, in Oct. 2007
  • PYP Regional Workshop, Delhi, in Feb. 2008

Rupal Kanakia as a Leader

Being the only individual running the institutions mentioned above, Rupal Kanakia takes personal approach to their activities. Working closely with the main departments of marketing, accounts, finance, legal, etc; she has always maintained a gracious balance of professional and personal development of her staff and employees, in spite of single-handedly working for the institutions. She appreciates her people’s hardwork, accomplishments, and tries to motivate them on a timely basis. She also donates in terms of money whenever her employees face any difficult financial situations and she is happy to do it. She’s not only an employer but also a friend who has an open mind to everything.