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December 2014
Community Helpers Day - Nursery.

Community Helpers are the people who are involved with the communities safety, health and general well being. This includes Teachers, Doctors, Policeman, and Tailors etc. All of them provide us service in our community.

Community helpers Day was celebrated on 17thDecember 2014, where in the children were selected from each class to dress as a particular community helper. They were introduced to all the children by singing a song based on community helpers and told them in which way they are helpful to us. Also a game on naming the community helpers was played. Children were able to name identify and also know in which way they are useful to us and how they make our life easy and comfortable. Celebrating this day the children had great fun and also learnt a lot.

Story Telling Competition - Jr. Kg.

Story telling competition was held for the children to let their imagination loose nd paint the world in the colours of kahaani.

Children need to weave a story around a given theme and speak about the story and stand a chance for winning.

Every child deserves the joy of listening and telling story .it can be said and explored with the help of props.

Story telling competition for section was held on 15th december 2014 where in the children gave the excellent performance.

Story Telling Competition - Sr. Kg.

Stories are always fun and our tiny tots surely love them. Story Telling Competition was held for Sr.Kg.students on 2nd December 2014. We gave our children an opportunity to share story of their liking to encourage our little budding minds. It encouraged them to bring out the talent in them.

Students narrated different stories of their liking with voice modulation, actions etc, they did amazing job demonstrating their speaking skills, with confidence & had a gala time.

November 2014
Transport Day-Nursery

Nursery section celebrated Transport Day on 27th November 2014 for 3 days .Parents were a part of the celebration, they made different models of means of transport. The teachers placed the entire set up of means of transport in the amphitheatre. Each day different set up was done for e.g.1st day Roadways was set up 2nd day Airways and the 3rd day Waterways was displayed and the children were taken out to see .Teachers explained about the transport to the kids too. Some children were asked to dress up as Pilot, Air hostess, Auto rickshaw driver etc.Children enjoyed the day very much. Parents were happy as they were involved too.

Save Water Sr Kg

Water covers 70 percent of the Earth, but only 3% of it is clean and suitable for human consumption. Even if you live in an area with ample rainfall, using water requires energy to process, pump, heat, re-pump, and re-process it. Fortunately, there are ways to save water for everyone .

We never notice that water dripping from a tap can be saved and used for our daily need.

In order to bring awareness among children about the importance of saving water, Save Water Day was celebrated on of November 2014. Teachers and students were dressed in different shades of blue. Games on save water like “Water relay” were played in which children were made in groups of 5 and had to pour the water from the bottle to the small bucket and run and fill the big bucket without spilling it. Different activities were made with teachers guidance to support the cause. They were also encouraged to prepare posters at home with the help of parents which were later displayed on the school corridors on various topic.

Nursery English Group Singing Competition
English Recitation - Nursery

English Recitation Competition for Nursery was held on 19/11/14. As we know poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is a realm of the poetry; the children enjoyed the beauty of expressions, thoughts, feelings, rhymes, rhythm and music of words. The kids were appreciated and applauded. It was amazing to see the confidence of our little ones.

Hindi Recitation - Nursery

The Hindi Recitation Competition of nursery was held on 12/11/14. Many students participated in it and recited the poem of some great spectacle and equally wonderful was the experience of listening to our little ones.

Our tiny scholars of Nursery got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confident in front of the judges for the Hindi Recitation Competition. Such competitions not only provide an opportunity to the students to present their content but also help them in shedding their apprehensions and thus prove to be a confidence booster.

Jr.Kg. Color Blast Day
October 2014
GRP Singing Nursery

Group singing offers lots of wonderful benefits and opportunities for team and group development.
Here are just a few examples.
Singing in groups...
Breaks down barriers
Embraces, encourages and enables diversity
Develops harmonious relationships
Fosters creativity
Builds cooperation and teamwork
Improves personal confidence
Brings people together, literally
Enhances morale
Creates a huge sense of personal and group achievement
And ultimately improves productivity personally, collectively and therefore organizationally.

That is the reason we organized group singing competition for Nursery children on 7th October 2014. Children were very happy n enjoyed a lot while singing.

Daan Utsav Celebrated from 13th October 2014 to 17th October 2014
Nursery Hindi Group Singing Competition
Sr.Kg. Dance Competition

Dance is one thing which children enjoy the most. Discipline and self control are very important character traits when it comes to dance. And with these traits a child learns how to hold oneself in a proper position for the moves.

Simultaneously a dance is a great way in which you can encourage the physical fitness and exercises for a child . Dance for children is a great way to build invaluable social skills. For this a dance competition was held for the Sr.K.G section on the 26th and 27th August.

The children were really excited about this competition.they were looking pretty in the colorful costumes they were dressed up in. the children came up with different styles of dances which included some Bollywood numbers , classical as well as semi classical dances . Some children were really excellent in their performances. The winners were later awarded with certificates.

Jr. Kg. Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy dress competition was held on 8th of October 2014 for JR.KG. section. The theme for fancy dress was Fruits & Vegetables. Many children participated in the competition. It was indeed a beautiful sight to see the toddlers dressed as fruits & vegetables. They were dressed as Brinjal, Grapes, Strawberry, Corn, Green Peas etc. They were not only dressed as fruits and vegetables but they explained what they are dressed as with the help of poems, sentences, songs etc. Children were very confident and they presented themselves very well. They were awarded by certificate for their performance. Children enjoyed the fancy dress competition. This competition gave them the platform to showcase their talent. These type of competition play an important role in their development.

Nurserys Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition was held on 16th October 2014.The theme for the fancy dress competition was Community Helpers. Children were dressed up in different costumes like Doctor, Policeman, Sweeper, Advocate, Nurse, Soldier, Farmer, Teacher, Greengrocer etc. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students. They spoke few sentences on the character that they depicted. The effort of the children were highly commendable. The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.

Diwali Celebration of The Pre Primary
September 2014
Fancy Dress Competition-Sr.Kg.

Fancy Dress Competition was held for Sr.Kg. section on 17th and 18th September'14.The theme for the competition was Regional Dresses of India. Children were dressed as South Indians, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Bengali and many more. All of them were looking very attractive in their respective attire. It was a pleasant sight to see our students in different regional dresses. The judges had a tough time to choose the winners as the competition was neck to neck.

Nursery picnic to Viviana mall
Jr. Kg. Grandparents Day
Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations
August 2014
Independence day and Janmashtami celebrations
Puppet theatre-Jr.Kg
Puppet theatre-Nursery
Raksha Bandhan celebration by Pre primary
Puppet theatre of Sr.Kg.-The story- 'The Sun and the Wind'
Winnners of Hindi Group Singing Competition
Toy Shop day conducted by Jr.Kg
July 2014
Monsoon Hungama Celebrated by Sr.Kg
Eid celebration
A step ahead towards the 21st century
Sharing Week-Jr.Kg
Yellow and Green day celebrated by Nursery
The winners of Hindi Solo Singing competition-Sr.Kg
Cell Meeting ICSE Section
English Elocution ICSE Section
June 2014
Winners of English Elocution -Sr.Kg
RBK Alumni- Kick off 2
Winners of Hindi Elocution
World music day celebrated by Pre Primary section
Primary Section Annual Prize day 2013-14
Investiture ceremony primary section 2014
Pre primary picnic to Wonder La
Christmas Celebration
Purple Day (Jr Kg)
Children Day Celebration
Teachers creative work done by Pre-Primary teachers for Diwali Celebration (made by using crepe paper).
Transport Day Celebration
A group of students from the Primary Section visited an Old Age Home on Thursday, 10th Oct

A group of students from the Primary Section visited an Old Age Home on Thursday, 10th Oct. They had the golden opportunity of interacting with our Treasure's Of Society.

The Senior Citizens shared with the students the fond memories of their yester years and our pupils got quiet engrossed in their tales.

To inculcate the spirit of respect, love and care for the elderly, our pupils presented them with little love offerings and received a lot of blessings from them in return.

The students wished that they could spend a little more time with them but as it was time to get back to school they bid them farewell and promised to visit them sometime again.

Orange day celebration which was held on 19th September.
Sr Kg Fun with Shapes ( Day) which was held on 17th September.
Hindi Diwas Celebration.