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WorkShop - Asking More and Better Questions in Classroom
October 12, 2015

On behalf of all the teachers, I take this opportunity to thank the Management and our dear Principal Mrs. Nalini Shetty for organizing this workshop on `Asking More and Better Questions in Classroom’.

The workshop presenter Mr. John Zola gave us very insightful and concrete suggestions to create a Classroom environment for student small group discussion and collaborative working to achieve a common goal. The workshop widened our horizon on effective questioning through Art Costa's Levels of Inquiry; Explicit, Implicit and Experience based levels suggesting guidelines for effective questioning.

The Flow Charts as Conceptual Organizers recomend us how the same would provide regular opportunities for students to engage in `critical thinking' and promoting students find their `voice' in classroom discussions. The workshop has widely enriched our knowledge with concrete ideas and strategies which we would definitely adapt and implement in the course of teaching and learning.

Workshops do help us to upgrade ourselves in the teaching and learning process.