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Uses of Smartphone for Students
January 15, 2018

Today we are living in a world that is impossible to imagine without smartphones. They surround us, and they are the vital part of our daily life. Smartphones have changed so much about the way that we do things each and every day. These devices are not only useful to businessmen and professionals but are also useful to school students. Whether the student is from a top ICSE board school in Mumbai or from a normal public school in the state – smartphone offers multiple benefits to all kind of students in a number of ways.

Let’s find out how:

Read News and Facts

Students can now read the news and find facts within seconds. This can be very useful when explaining and debating topics. Rather than referring magazines or accessing huge laptops and desktops- smartphones offer easy and hassle-free access to the internet and other learning applications. It also gives opportunities for students to learn and explore new things in smart ways.

Capture Photographs and Videos For Assignments

The photo and video capabilities of a smartphone cannot be ignored. Class assignments can be made more creative and interesting by encouraging students to add photos or video content to their work. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words - students find it easier to understand the project when they get involved in visual learning. And a smartphone makes this task much easier and simpler.

Write Down Notes

Smartphones allow kids to take down notes anytime, any place. They make good note-taking devices and are a great replacement for bulky notebooks for students. Moreover, it is easier to carry and often has a better life than a laptop or a desktop. Paper notes can turn into a disorganized mess and may get mixed up or lost. Whereas smartphones can help students store, organize and search notes effectively without any hassles.

Set Up Updates

Another benefit of smartphones is that they have features like calendars and reminders which let the kids keep track of their activities. Now, no more forgetfulness or confusion about exam dates or project submission deadlines. Smartphones can act as a good time management tool and enable students to perform all the operations in a synchronized manner.

This is certainly only a starter list of uses of smartphones for school students. Many teachers and students are already using them in other, unthinkable interesting ways.

Today a number of international/ ICSE schools in Mumbai Suburbs like Mira Road are aiming for the all-round development of students. And with technology-driven devices like smartphones around the corner, it becomes easier for educators and students to discover and learn new things, enabling them to grow to their full potential.