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Std VIII Story Writing
January 22, 2018


The Mysterious Treasure

It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning on the eve of Christmas. My friends Ricky, Gabriel, John,Mark and I were playing near an old fort. Suddenly, Ricky fell down into a trap door. By the time we reached the trap door Ricky had found an ancient trunk.

So, we all decided to jump and examine the trunk. We tried to open the trunk but it was locked. So, we hit the lock with a stone and tried to open it. As soon as we opened it we found a golden pipe which was closed at both ends with caps.

I lifted the pipe and removed the caps, there was a scroll inside. Mark thought that it was a manuscript of ancient knowledge and snatched the scroll from me and opened it shouting “We are going to be very rich.” As we went through it we realized it was even better. It was a treasure map. At the bottom of the map was written “1563 – a gift to Emperor Akbar of the Mughal dynasty.” The treasure was marked a few miles away, near the coast of my native place – Trivandrum which is located in the state of Kerala.

We were happy about this and informed our parents. Except John’s father no one else was against the idea of this treasure hunt. We were excited and asked our parents to allow us to go to Kerala. We were overexcited when we got permission from our parents and planned the trip to Kerala. We arrived at the ‘Trivandrum International Airport’ at 8:00 in the morning. Gabriel’s father accompanied us. After reaching, we booked a hotel near the airport and started our treasure hunt.

We assigned each other different code names. I gave everyone code names. I gave Ricky the code name of ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES’ as he accidentally found the trap door; Mark ‘HULK’ as he was the strongest of us all; John ‘EIENSTEIN’ as he was the smartest; Gabriel ‘GAMORA’; Gabriel’s father ‘Professor X’; and finally I was ‘INDIANA JONES’ as I was leading the treasure hunt…

We reached the beach side where the treasure was marked on the map. According to the map there was a ship but we could only see rocks and mud at the end of the beach. We all were disappointed.

Suddenly ‘EIENSTEIN’ pointed towards the hill and said that, it looked as though the mud and the rocks had been pushed down to cover something. ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES’ ran towards the site to find a trap door, when he pressed a hole near the bottom of the structure a brick like stone protruded out of the structure. Suddenly, I remembered the movie ‘National Treasure’ and pushed the brick inside. A narrow passage appeared which only ‘GAMORA’ could crawl into, we thought it could be dangerous but she said she would do it. After she had crawled inside she pulled a lever and suddenly a door opened.

We were very excited and swiftly went inside and suddenly the door closed and we were trapped inside. I took a log of wood from the ground and wrapped it with my handkerchief and lighted it using my matchstick. I saw a railing beside me which was filled with oil. I thought it would be the old lighting system and placed the fire on the railing. The moment the fire touched the railing, it lighted the whole the whole structure and we found the ship. The name of the ship on the map and on the ship we found was same. We were excited and we started running towards the deck of the ship where the treasure was hidden inside according to the map. The door was jammed, ‘HULK’ and ‘Professor X’ started kicking the door and the door opened. We found huge piles of - gold and silver coins, bars; different gemstones; and many other things.

Though we were very happy we decided not to take the treasure except taking a few gold bars for each of us. We decided not to plunder the ancient treasure and let it rest in its original and safe place where the Emperors had decided to bury it. We found a door near the deck through which we came out of the structure and returned to the hotel

After a few days we returned to our homes with the pleasant feeling of placing the map along with the treasure and not taking it with us. I hope whoever finds it once again does not loot it.

Ryan Shibu Devanesan



In the prosperous town of Halikot, there lived a merchant called Ramu. He went through the streets of Halikot selling copperware. In the same town there lived another merchant called Shamu who also sold copperware. Shamu was a very cunning man while Ramu was a very honest man.

In the centre of the town, there was a huge mansion. Scores of people used to work for the wealthy business man who lived there. Sadly after his death, the business went into a great loss. Soon his son and the son’s wife too died leaving behind a seven year old daughter. Only Rani, the widow of the business man and her granddaughter, Arti lived there. The servants were gone and the relatives were not to be seen here.

One day Shamu came for selling his copperware. Arti was curios and wanted one for her but her grandmother did not have money to buy it. Shamu informed her that he accepted any old copper plate or pans. So Rani went in the kitchen and found a plate which was not known by her that was made of pure gold. She showed it to Shamu who examined it in seconds that it was made of gold. So cunning he was that he didn’t gave them his copperware as he wanted the plate for free and thought that later he would trade it for a spoon of tin.

A little later, Ramu came for selling his copperware. Arti asked her grandmother for the plate from this man. First, Rani thought whether she should show the plate to him or not but because of Arti’s request, she gave him. Ramu took the plate and found that it was made of pure gold. Rani was surprised to hear his words because the merchant who came before didn’t accept it. Ramu said her that she could have all the merchandise and yet he has to pay more for the plate. Arti took whatever she liked. Ramu left promising to give the remaining money as soon as possible.

After some time, the sly Shamu came and knocked on the door. He thought that in exchange of the plate he would give a spoon of tin. He was sure that the child would request her grandmother for the spoon. Rani shouted at him for cheating her and told him that she had fortune for the plate. When Shamu heard this, he was so disappointed the he banged his head against the wall. The next morning, Ramu gave the remaining money to Rani and sold the plate for such a large sum of money that it could keep him comfortable for rest of his life even if he doesn’t do any work.

So, the moral of the story is “Honesty always pays and greediness always suffers.”




This tragedy will remain in mine and Jodie's mind forever. I am Jake Smith aged thirteen; my younger sister named Jodie Smith is nine. Despite the fact that I am three years older than her she hardly obeys me. Last year's summer vacations were very horrible and scary for me and Jodie. We had never expected that our favourite vacation spot would turn into a nightmare for us. The most terrible part of this incident is that not a soul trusted me and Jodie. Some considered it to be a prank and some took it as a mean joke while some appreciated us for our imagination .

It was around 6am, almost sunrise when we left Lincoln Town where our mansion was. We had to reach The Oxford Museum, one of the tourist attractions of London. It was our third visit to The Oxford Museum but this time I wasn't concentrating on the sceneries going past me because I had forgotten to take my Play Station. But something that was always same was that dad was against our third visit to the Museum and as always mom was on his side but we had Grandma on our side whose words were the final decision.

After four hours, nearly at 10am we arrived at The Oxford Museum but then we had to wait for 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes were like 30 hours to me and I missed my Play Station. No sooner did the security guard open the door than Jodie and I rushed in. But once we entered, I noticed some voices calling me and Jodie. We were astonished and began to look around in confusion but then I realized that it was grandma and dad's voice. We loved this museum because of the skeletons and dinosaurs. England which was once known as a Dinosaur Paradise had many museums which had dinosaur fossils but The Oxford Museum was the most well-known. Dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are kept in a separate room due to their large size. We ran into the room where Tyrannosaurus Rex's skeleton was kept. Ignoring Grandma’s screams we just rushed away. For this behaviour we were as always scolded but I didn't mind it as scoldings were a part of my daily routine.

After enough exploration Jodie and I were hungry so we urged mom and dad to accompany us to the canteen but they refused. Then we went to Grandma who was busy reading information about Tyrannosaurus. Being engrossed in reading she just gave us 100 dollars from her purse. As we were moving towards the canteen I noticed a long, black door, which was almost double my height. Out of curiosity I opened the door and went and Jodie followed me. Jodie was walking ahead of me as she felt someone following her. I asked her not to speak as it gave me Goosebumps. But even I felt someone following me. Suddenly we heard a loud sound from just behind us. As we turned back and saw a shadow. This frightened Jodie and she urged me to return but I ignored and kept on moving. Then we came across a door with black and white stripes on it which reminded me of a zebra-crossing. As I was about to turn the door knob, Jodie screamed. But this didn't scare me instead I got frustrated and yelled at her. But again she urged me not to go so but as always I ignored her, ignorance which I will always regret. I opened the door and it was pitch dark inside. As we entered, the door shut on its own. As Jodie was afraid of darkness she began sobbing. I searched for the switches and turned it but the door had got locked and it wasn't opening. All we could see in the room was a skeleton. I asked, “Is someone in here?”, I waited for a reply and suddenly the lights went off and a shrill voice replied that “Yes” and the lights came on. I asked ; “Who are you?” , and began to stare at the skeleton but this time the lights didn't go off and the shrill voice replied. “Skeleton!” ; as he said it the skeleton began to move ...... towards us I was quite sure of our end as the room was really small. Suddenly Jodie screamed, I turned and saw that the Skeleton had caught hold of Jodie ... I asked the Skeleton to let Jodie go but it asked me to surrender myself to her. With a heavy heart I moved to surrender myself, I tripped.....upon an axe and I picked it up and put up a fight back and finally after some 10 to 15 minutes of the scuffle I was able to smash it's head and it broke it off, taking advantage of the situation I broke the Skeleton into pieces and suddenly the door flung open and there stood Mom and Grandma I quickly hid the axe and they embraced us. Mom asked us what we were doing over there as I pointed towards the skeleton.... but it was gone. Anyway we didn't care, after a feast in the canteen we left the museum. Neither mom nor dad nor Grandma believed our story. But the incident will live on my memory forever.

By - Anuj Singh