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Std VI Corrected Stories
January 22, 2018

1st ....The Invisible Boy__ By Eshwari R. Kamble VI / G

2nd ....The Night At The Haunted House__ By Dhruv Lath VI / I

3rd.....The Mysterious World Where No One Has Reached __ By Heem Puthran VI / H

The Invisible Boy

By Eshwari R. Kamble.

Once upon a time, there lived a poor boy named Steve. His mother died when he was quite young. His father was a farmer and life was hard for him. One day, when he was roaming, he saw a beautiful white ball, as white as a pearl! He thought, if he would sell it he would become rich, so he touched it………. And FLASH! There came a bright light! He got scared and ran away. When he turned around, he saw the ball had disappeared! When he reached home, he called his father out and when his father came he screamed and ran away. Steve wondered, “Why did my father run away? “. He went in the house and stood in front of the mirror. Whoa! He was invisible! After much exploring, he found out he could turn visible and invisible anytime! He said “I must have got these powers for a special reason. Why not use them for a good purpose?”

He stayed awake all night making his costume. And he was ready to help people. He saved a boy from falling off a cliff. He also saved a blind man from crashing against a car and he also stopped a thief from stealing jewellery from a jewellery shop. He saved and helped people in many other ways. Soon, word spread about ‘The Invisible Boy’. The government was pleased with him and felicitated him with a huge amount of money as a reward. He continued saving people and earned a lot of respect.


By Dhruv Lath
VI / I

It was a stunning October evening and the sun was setting, turning the sky into an eerie shade of pink.Oh, how I love summer in the city!

I was heading home. Oops! Excuse me, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Dhruv Lath.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, that night when I was going home my car stopped because it ran out of fuel. My car had stopped near a big house. The house was huge and made of red bricks. But, the shade of the bricks had faded from red to a dirty brown. The house did not at all look welcoming. But, what other options did I have? I decided to stay in that house for the night. When I went near the house, I felt quite scared because it was looking very dangerous.

Let me describe the house to you in greater detail. It was a two storied house. Its walls were quite dull and eroded. The front lawn weeds grew past my knees. If there ever was a path it was gone, buried. The blue door had that sun-bleached look and the window frames were more bare rotting wood than white paint. All in all it scared the hell out of me!

I bit my lip. A shiver ran through my body like an electric current and the unseasonal rain blurred my vision. I waded into the greenery, forcing my legs though it. Sucking in a breath, I knocked on the door, knowing there would be no answer. I twisted the handle. On crossing the threshold the noise of the storm disappeared. There was a fire in the hearth.

I decided and turned to leave. I heard the sound of the door slamming shut. I ran towards the door and tried to unlock it. But, the door would not budge. “Don't go,” said a gentle voice, “we can be such good friends.” The sound freaked me out. I saw in all the directions but could not see anybody. All of a sudden, a blue-white glow filled the room.

A huge colony of bats emerged from nowhere and flew in my direction. I ducked out. I was very scared. My whole body was wet with cold sweat. It was as if I had entered the world of wild and it was the start of a very scary experience. There was lot to come.

I slowly stood up and saw a large wolf basking in a blue white glow moving slowly in my direction. Just opposite to me there was a full size mirror hanging. When I saw my reflection in the mirror, it was all fine but when I tried to see the wolf, it was an evil witch that I saw. I saw the fox again in front of me and then in the mirror, and what I saw was a witch with a pack of wolves, colony of bats, many different ugly creatures all with her and waiting for her command. I was completely agitated. I tried to rush to the gate but I was stuck in a big daze. All lost and alone with these dangerous creatures from the other world.

I tried to move but it was as if my feet had frozen into the ground. With immense courage, I asked why they had trapped me in the house. I pleaded with them to allow me to leave the house and let me go home. I also told them that it was my 19th birthday that day so please spare my life. In response to my requests, the witch laughed in a very weird and scary laughter. It only added to my discomfort. The witch said in a very husky voice, “Dear, why do you appear so scared? I’ll not do anything to you. You are so sweet. I haven’t had anybody to talk to for thousands of years. I feel lonely. Now, that you have come, we will stay here together. We will play a lot of games. We are going to have a lot of fun. The only thing that is not allowed here is to go back.”

I told her that I have to go home. I have my Mom and my Dad. Also, a cute little sister and grandma. They must be eagerly waiting for me. They had planned to organize a birthday party for me. I have to go home and started to plead again. Now, her behaviour completely changed. She started growling like an angry dog. She shouted at me and said that if I even opened my mouth she will eat me up and then she ordered her wolves and bats to charge at me.

The wolves came near me and the witch followed them.

It appeared that she was floating in air. She come very near me and was about to eat me when I heard a loud bell ring. I thought that somebody had come to save me.

All of a sudden, I fell down with a thud. I got up to realize that I was in my bedroom and was dreaming. The bell that I had heard was of my father at the door. I ran downstairs to greet him and tell him about my unusual dream but when I saw him carrying a special gift, I forgot all about it. I hugged him and sat down to open the gift. Do you know what it had?

It was a scary mask of a wolf along with a costume of a wizard for Halloween party.


By HeemPuthran
VI / H

Monsoon had begun and one day of this season, there was a heavy rainfall. I woke up at 5:30 am as my daily routine. I got ready to go to school, that day I was feeling something like someone is following me but then I was also feeling happy because it was the day when our sports period is conducted. Suddenly I looked back to see if someone was behind me but there was no one. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and took a bath. When it was 6:15 am, I went down and while going down stairs I heard a scary sound. This scared me a lot. When I reached downstairs and saw that my bus had already arrived and was waiting for me. I ran towards the bus and went and sat inside the bus. When I reached the school,I again felt that someone was following me. I ignored it. As there was heavy rainfall the ground was full of water so we did not go down to play sports.

But then I was curious to see the condition of the ground and went to the ground. I saw that there was one lady in the corner of the ground. When I went near her, I recognized that she was crying, this increased my curiosity to go nearer and ask her why she was crying. When I went nearer and I asked her why she was crying she said, ‘‘In my world there is a monster who has killed my parents but I cannot be killed by the monster because my parents had magical powers and did magic on me that I can’t die and no one can kill me.But the monster killed people of my world so that he could eat our world easily.’’ Listening to this, my curiosity changed into anger and I said, ‘‘I will come in your world and kill the monster.’’ After listening to this, she did magic and made a portal to the world from which she had come. I thought that killing the monster would be easy but when I saw the monster, he was as tall as a tower but the lady took me to a place where there was greenery around and when I went there and I realized that in that world I could fly, while I was trying to fly high she called me and told that I had to do something then only Icould kill the monster.Then she told me to remove the sword which was driven into the ground and when I tried to remove with only one hand, it was very difficult so I used my second hand to remove it. It was very difficult to remove but I remove the sword. After I removed the sword she said, ‘‘Your power is now doubled because whoever removes this sword the King of Gods gives him the power to kill the evils which are killing or destroying the world’’. After listening to this I went to the city where he was and after searching for him we found him. I started fighting with him. He started throwing rocks but the sword broke the rocks and then I ran towards him and dodged all his attacks and I jumped high in the sky and stabbed the sword into his body. After this all the people of her world including her parents were back. After this suddenly I came to my world and the time when I went in that world and when I returned was same. There was no time changes. After this I ran towards my class and sat. Then my day began as always. After that incident I was continuously thinking about that incident. That day was my best adventurous day.