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Latest Educational Living Trends for 2018
December 21, 2017

As the year comes to an end, we hear from every sector of the economy as what’s going to be the next popular trend in the market. Right from food, fashion, gadgets to entertainment, everything has something new coming up in the following years.

Same applies to the education sector. In this modern phase of life, everyone wants to enrol their kids in a school that’s impactful, trendy and cool. Parents are looking for a school that has all the latest facilities, and most importantly an education system that is unique from the rest.

Here are some educational trends that expect to draw great appeal in the coming year.

Creative Learning

These days creativity has crept into every aspect of our lives and so has in the educational sector. Whether it’s an ICSE school in Mumbai suburbs or one of the top ICSE schools in Thane or Navi Mumbai, educators are creating fresh new creative based learning syllabus and projects to meet the modern world expectations.

Spacious Learning Rooms

Regular classrooms continue to be replaced by spacious large classrooms. Bigger writing boards, bigger projectors, bigger computer and practical rooms etc; have been the latest craze. When children study in such spacious rooms, they get a chance to fully take advantage of such study space for various other learning creative activities and projects. Moreover, it gives students more scope and opportunity to do everything from skit performing to craft making.

Excellent Interior Designs

Beautifully proportioned and well-balanced learning rooms and school campus is the next aspect that is in demand.

Right from the material, to the craftsmanship, to the colours used, each and every element of the school amenity helps kids to be in high spirits. It gives kids that sense of better-quality education–under one roof. Hence ICSE schools in Mumbai suburbs and Thane are making a point to give their best to their students.

So the next time you plan to enrol your child in any top ICSE schools in Mira Road or anywhere else in Mumbai, you ought to get a feeling of extravagance and richness in your child’s school environment -like never before.

More Focus On Extra Curriculum Activities

Parents are looking for schools that offer different activities that endeavours to broaden student’s talent and knowledge. Today parents are demanding for cognitive, physical, emotional and moral development of a child. Schools are required to provide good space and opportunities for extra-curricular activities for kids where they learn to co-exist, share, and develop respect towards their team and colleagues. And international/ ICSE schools in Mumbai are able to fulfil this demand, with an enriching environment.

RBK school in Mira Road is one such school that meets the demands of future. The school nurtures students to blossom into responsible citizens by providing opportunities for holistic development so that each student reaches their full potential - and more importantly, learns to be a good human being who will make a significant contribution to society.

So if you are looking for a schools in Mira Road, look no further than RBK School.