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Std VI Story Writing
22 January, 2018

1st ....The Invisible Boy__ By Eshwari R. Kamble VI / G
2nd ....The Night At The Haunted House__ By Dhruv Lath VI / I
3rd.....The Mysterious World Where No One Has Reached __ By Heem Puthran VI / H

std VII Story Writing
22 January, 2018

The Curse There is wonderful planet far beyond of our imaginations. It is the land of magic, spells, power, amazing beasts, witches, wizards and more exhilarating and thrilling things. The name of this great, wonderful, marvelous, amazing and astonishing planet is Cinderlea. It is more than 50,000 million light year from our blue Earth.

Std VIII Story Writing
22 January, 2018

The Mysterious Treasure
It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning on the eve of Christmas. My friends Ricky, Gabriel, John,Mark and I were playing near an old fort. Suddenly, Ricky fell down into a trap door. By the time we reached the trap door Ricky had found an ancient trunk.

Uses of Smartphone for Students
15 January, 2018

Today we are living in a world that is impossible to imagine without smartphones. They surround us, and they are the vital part of our daily life. Smartphones have changed so much about the way that we do things each and every day