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Eid celebration at RBK School
June 13, 2016

School is a place where children are always learning new things about the world. Celebrations of all festivals in a school are one of the major activities which enable them to develop an awareness of the world around them, and the traditions and customs of different people living around them. It’s the participation in such occasions that helps the child develop a desire to understand the culture of others and respect them.

Moreover celebration of different religious festivals, also builds a sense of tolerance and acceptance of various forms of worship within them. In all, it helps in shaping tomorrow’s global citizen who is healthier in spirit and strength of mind.

The RBK School in Mira Road takes pride in celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals, and showcases unity in integrity through its programs. EID was one such special festival that RBK School celebrated with its pre primary section students this year.

Cute little children got dressed up in the traditional festive attire and were completely engrossed in the true spirit of the celebration. There was music, dance and sweet distribution which the kids really relished and loved.

As you all know, Eid is a time to celebrate and share happiness. It is also a time to forget and forgive and move on. All these values were seen in the students as they greeted each other with love and affection on this beautiful occasion.

In addition, kids were also involved in creative activities based on the theme of EID. Children enjoyed working in groups to complete the task at hand, while celebrating the festival. The enthusiastic little ones were so involved in their creativity that they managed to come out with best form of art, which they displayed towards the end of the day. This promoted a feeling of co-operation and unity. It was truly a moment of fun, enjoyment, and pleasure in a relaxed environment.

In all, the EID celebration was overwhelming and teachers along with the other staff members, made sure they could make the best out of this day.

About RBK school

RBK is one of the best ICSE schools in Mira Road. The school takes responsibility in nurturing students to blossom into responsible citizens by providing opportunities for holistic development, so that every child reaches their full potential - and more importantly, learns to be a good human being who will bring a significant change in the society.

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