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Educators in Children’s Life
February 26, 2018

Education teaches and prepares children and youth to meet the future needs to function in a society not only academically, but emotional, socially, spiritually and economically. It helps children in building blocks to figure out what they want to do with their lives and to spark their curiosity to learn more and to build on the skills that they already have.

First Educators - Parents

Parents are the first educators to spark curiosity, imagination, and love of lifetime learning. They help kids realize that they are smart and capable of reaching their dreams and goals.

Children's education doesn't begin when they go off to kindergarten or when they get enrolled in the best ICSE board school in Mumbai. It begins at home--with parents being the educators. Research shows that the most crucial years of learning take place before a child is old enough to enter school. Studies say that no amount of formal teaching can compare to the influence of parents, who teach every day by word and example. The crucial skill of literacy is learned at a very young age.

For example: By three or four, most children can understand and use the language spoken around them without any formal teaching. Since parents are the first educators they are in a unique position to influence early learning in children in a variety of ways. Children even learn to understand and express emotions from their parents. For example, warm and responsive parenting provokes positive emotions in children. Whereas, controlling parenting, on the other hand, offers negative emotions in children.

Second Educators – School Teachers

Teachers are the secondary educators in a child’s life. Teachers foster children's educational achievement, their acquisition of literacy, numeracy and scientific knowledge. They provide the foundation for educational "subjects" such as geography, physics, and foreign languages.

The learning of specific knowledge and skills is a direct effect of classroom teaching. Hence teachers and their skills towards educating are known to be the prime foundation for a child's entry into higher education or training and also employment.

Keeping this aspect in mind, RBK School in Mira Road ensures they have a very dynamic and talented faculty to foster student’s learning and development. The 200 strong teaching force of RBK ICSE School in Mira Road comprises of highly qualified and experienced educators. The faculties of the International Section are all trained to deliver the Cambridge curriculum. Moreover, regular in-house training programs are conducted to keep them abreast of the changing dynamics of education.

RBK is one of the best ICSE schools in Mumbai Suburbs. The school nurtures students to blossom into responsible citizens by providing opportunities for holistic development so that each student reaches their full potential - and more importantly, learns to be a good human being who will make a significant contribution to society.