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Best IGCSE Schools in Thane – What Makes it so Special?
December 17, 2015

Plethora of educational board options leaves parents scratching their head when choosing the best one. It includes SSC, ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE. You are sure to come across information stating each of the board offers benefits. In spite of the availability of many boards, the one that is considered by parents is IGCSE board. You can thank the number of best IGCSE schools in Thane that makes learning fun, innovative and informative at the same time. Before you take a final decision to admit your child in an IGSCE school, there are some things you need to know:

What Exactly Is IGCSE Board?

International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) is basically an international school that aims at offering quality education to the students. Two-year programme, it was formed in the year 1988, spreading across Class 9 and Class 10. There has been a great increase in the number of IGCSE schools in and around India. It all started when parents realized the importance of international-mindedness development.

Number of factors clearly hints you choose IGCSE board over other available. It goes beyond teaching. The schools are designed keeping in mind the needs of every student. The IGCSE School in Thane helps in developing confidence and responsibility in each student. This further helps in nurturing an energetic and dynamic learner.

There is no way you will find it difficult to find an IGCSE school in Thane or India as the whole. With the ever increasing number of schools considering IGCSE, clearly shows how parents and teachers find international education to be important. You can go through the list of top IGCSE schools in Mumbai and Thane and make a choice according to your needs and preferences. The list actually makes easier for you to hunt an IGCSE school in your locality.

What Makes IGCSE So Special For My Child?

  • Curriculum – One of the major reasons to consider IGCSE board for your child is the curriculum offered that is completely based on the age and learning of the child. It is not only books that play a major part in imparting education. Student interaction with people, environment, and activities on a daily basis also help students to learn differently. The curriculum is designed by internationally acclaimed experts.
  • Theme-based learning – It is quite understood that every child is unique and should be treated differently. Theme-based learning offers children a perfect platform to show off their skills and creative side.
  • Kind and friendly faculty – Kind and talented faculty at IGCSE schools in Mumbai ensure it offers a relaxed learning environment for the students. Furthermore, understanding that learning has no age or full stop, faculty attends workshops both in India and abroad that help them to inculcate new teaching methodologies.
  • Sports and other co-curricular activities – IGCSE schools in Thane encourage students to take part in various co-curricular activities and sports. Fitness report card is offered, designed by Pediatricians and Sports scientist in order to assess the child growth.

Advantages of IGCSE School

There are innumerable benefits associated with enrolling your child’s name to a reputed IGCSE school:

  • It offers internationally acclaimed curriculum
  • Talented and Energetic faculty
  • Various subject choice
  • Offers new dimension to learning

If you take a look you are sure to find IGCSE board to be among the top 10 schools in Mumbai. All the details listed serve the purpose of offering needed information when choosing a right and perfect educational body for your child.