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Benefit of having a knowledge centre in school
September 09, 2016

The knowledge center is usually a centralized repository for information. It refers to a disciplinary approach to achieving the prime objectives of learning by making the best use of knowledge.

There is incredible value to school institution that develop initiatives to share information through knowledge centres. It not only helps the teaching staff and students, but also helps the non-teaching staff in every way.

Below are some of the benefits of having a knowledge centre in a school

  • A knowledge center that is well-organized can help the educational institution increase student’s performance and empower your child to blossom as a brilliant personality.
  • Due to the existing knowledge base, the students can quickly find all the information they need, all at one common destination.
  • Students can also create knowledge base projects using the information from the knowledge centre.
  • In addition, it improves student’s engagement and communication skills at an early age.
  • In all, the knowledge centre can be useful to students as a self motivator, self knowledge manager, self innovator and problem solving agent.

Knowledge centre at RBK School

RBK School in Mira Road understands the importance of having a knowledge centre and take pride in creating one, for all its students and its staff members. It’s one of the best ICSE board school in Mumbai that addresses the needs of your kid as a twenty-first century global citizen. The school aims to nurture the students to blossom into accountable citizens by providing opportunity for holistic development so that each child reaches their full potential.

RBK School’s knowledge centre consists of two important elements – A Library and a Computer Lab.


A school library plays a major role in the social and cultural and life of the school. It is a central point for engagement, with all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussions.

RBK school has a large library and contains more than 10,000 books and periodicals on all subjects related to the teaching and extensive reading for students. It provides a range of fiction and non-fiction resources for students of all grades. Moreover, the library is open for extensive hours on all working days and all throughout the vacations.

A Computer lab

Today educators understand the importance of computer literacy and have begun to introduce computer labs for students within the school doors. Computer labs help school students cultivate skills that they can carry with them through college and as adults in the professional world. Moreover, research on the internet fosters students’ problem-solving and analysis skills as they work individually and in teams to gather information and come to conclusions.

RBK School in Mira Road, has a cluster of three computer labs, which are networked and available for use by the students. All computer labs offer access to the internet and provide software that student and teachers can use to do research and complete their routine tasks.