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Understanding Different Kinds of Students in the Classroom
16 April, 2016

No two students are exactly alike. The mind of every student is different and that is what makes him or her unique. It is of paramount importance for the teachers to treat every student individually.

Know Why Starting a Class with a Poem Is Useful
9 April, 2016

So you are thinking about how to start your lecture? Well, this is quite a common phenomenon teachers tend to face on a daily basis. Every teacher is always on the hunt for a method that will keep students engrossed all through the lecture.

Hygienic Cafeteria - To Ensure Children Never Go Hungry!
2 April, 2016

Getting children to have breakfast is one of the hardest things parents tend to face early in the morning. No matter what you prepare, they are just not ready to have it. You have to literally feed them or tell them stories in order for them to at least two or three morsels.