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6 Ways to Help Your Child's Language Development
July 28, 2017

Poor language skill is one of the most common problems that we see in small children. However, during their early years, kids need to develop a broad and rich vocabulary, not just for speaking, but also for social, emotional and personal development.

If you’re thinking how you can help your child to develop their language skills, have a look at the Six tips given below. Easy, quick, and fun, these tips will help you promote your child’s language development without much effort.

  • 1. Read
    Reading is the best practice to promote language development. Read anything, and as you can. Reading doesn’t have to be limited to books. You can even refer some children magazines, fun articles in the newspaper, or some reading signs or advertising boards in the surrounding area etc.

    Even if you kid is a growing child and is studying in a higher secondary school in Mira Road or in some upper grade class elsewhere, make it a practice to sit and read with him/her. The more you read, the better will they be able to explore the language in their growing years.

  • 2. Sing Rhymes and Poetry
    Rhymes and poetry are easy to memorize and a lot of fun to recite. By singing and rhyming with your child regularly you’ll help your child to explore their imagination and extend their vocabulary. Just ensure you find fun rhyming ways. For example, you can teach rhyming while cooking dinner or playing or while sitting in the garden etc. Such techniques will surely add pleasure and joy to the learning process.

  • 3. Story Telling
    If your little one seems interested in fairy tales, engage in a storytelling conversation with your child. Storytelling will build up vocabulary skills and make children attentive listeners. Create attention-grabbing stories with fun characters, adventure, and a good ending. Ensure the stories match your child’s interest and aren’t too boring and scary.

  • 4. Face to Face Communication
    Face to face conversations may seem to be boring, but in reality they are actually very helpful.

    When we speak face to face, our gestures and facial expressions really help to convey what we’re saying. It gives a lot of extra clues to the meaning of our words and makes it easier for children to read and understand it better.

    Moreover, when children have a positive experience of speaking face to face, they will gain the confidence to do better in future.

  • 5. Avoid Criticizing Your Child's Speech Patterns
    While you allow children to speak enough - ensure you don’t criticize their vocabulary and speech patterns. Instead, correct them with the right pronunciation or word usage and allow them to repeat the same.

    Praise your child when they do it right. Appreciation will not only boost their self-belief but will also encourage them to learn the right things, in a better way.

  • 6. Enroll Your Child In a Good School
    A school is also a place where children begin to build words and vocabularies. Therefore, it becomes very important that you enroll your child in the best school that enforces good language development in a child.

    RBK School is one of best ICSE Schools in Mira Road that guides children in communication. By creating a balanced atmosphere for learning and development, they inspire the children to excel in language skills along with the academic studies, and make them confident when comes to facing the challenges of the future.

    So if you are residing somewhere in Bhayandar, Mira Road or Dahisar, and are looking for a good school nearby, ensure you check out the details of RBK ICSE schools in Mira Road. Your kid is sure to reap the benefits academically, professionally and personally in the future.