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4 Ways to Make Science Learning Fun
October 24, 2017

Science is vital to the education of every young child, be it a top ICSE board school in Mumbai or a Public School in a small city - at science is one of the important subjects in a school curriculum.

Science is a highly relevant and important type of knowledge for everyone to have. Learning science helps you gain knowledge about life on the earth, the whole of universe and how they relate to each other. It helps you gain knowledge about the environment, the climate, the food and the human life on earth. Usually, you start by learning about your home, region, country, continent etc. But, you later gain more experience as you learn.

But the problem with studying science is that it can be incredibly unexciting, especially for school kids, who find it difficult to study and memorize important facts and details.

So here we bring to you, 4 ways on how to make science fun and exciting to learn:

Note Making

Note making is the perfect way for helping kids organize what they learn. As they start reading their lessons, you can have your kid fill in the basic facts of each topic in a notebook. After completing a section of a particular topic, children can use their notes to write a report or complete an assignment.

Make Use of Technology

Technology is a great way to make learning science fun! Research has shown that using smartphones, projectors, laptops, Ipads for demonstrating scientific facts can increase student learning and engagement process. They not only make the subject interesting but also help children understand the topics better through visuals.

Opt For An Educational Trip

Learning is so much more than simply knowing a subject matter. It is also a combination of having the expertise on the different components involved in the learning process. Therefore taking children for education trips can be of great help and fun. A visit to a museum, a planetarium, a park, or some exciting location that has greenery, birds, animals etc. is a good option. Through such trips, students will be able to shape their understandings better from their interactions with the environment outside.

Make Review Time Fun

When children hear these words “review time” you may hear a few sighs and groans from. However, you can turn those groans into smiles if you make your review time fun and exciting. For example, you can give away some gifts and awards to your kid, if you find, he or she has shown some considerable improvement. The kid will not only be overwhelmed with the reward but will also be encouraged to do better in future.

Knowledge of science is essential for health, food, environment, technology navigation, space operation and many such more. Therefore to help children acquire knowledge of their environment and to broaden their outlook, primary schools in Mira Road and Bhayandar have started to use creative ways - to make teaching-learning process interesting and fun. Through field trips, guest lectures and theme based activities they aid to strike a balance in education.

Schools in Mira Road and Bhayandar, are not only making learning a stress-free process but are also encouraging children to be lifelong learners, so that they are able to prosper in their future endeavors.